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Did you know that asbestos could be everywhere around us and we might not even know it? Because of its flame resistant properties, asbestos was widely used in building materials, car brakes, even crayons. However, scientists discovered a link between asbestos and lung cancer, and in 1989 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of asbestos in all new materials.

However, that didn’t mean that asbestos simply disappeared from the face of this earth. Even as recently as 2018, we were still finding asbestos in crayons. Because asbestos is commonly used in housing insulation, many of us run the risk of asbestos exposure.

It’s useful to note that undisturbed asbestos that is in good condition does NOT pose a health risk. The problem comes with wear and tear over time, or when asbestos sustains damage. That releases asbestos fibers – and the inhalation of these asbestos fibers presents a health hazard to us.

It’s very possible that you might come across asbestos in your home’s building materials – while installing new floor tiles, fixing your boiler, getting your fireplace upgraded, or having your walls, ceilings or roofs worked on. 

If you suspect that what you’re dealing with is asbestos, DO NOT touch or disturb it. Leave it alone and immediately call an asbestos abatement company.

Because you can’t necessarily identify asbestos materials by looking at it, before undergoing any renovation or construction works, you might want to have a licensed asbestos inspector analyze your home. They know exactly what to look for, and they also have the protective equipment needed to keep them – and you – safe when obtaining asbestos samples from areas around your home.



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Why Call The Asbestos Abatement Professionals?

With any asbestos abatement work there is always the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers. You should therefore always leave such tasks to the asbestos abatement professionals who are specially trained in the safe handling of asbestos.

Taking the DIY route can sometimes create an asbestos hazard where it didn’t exist before, due to disturbing asbestos materials that otherwise would be left alone.

In order to assess the degree of damage and risk, the asbestos contractor might also need to take a sample – this sampling task can be a health hazard in itself, so do not attempt to collect asbestos samples on your own to prevent asbestos exposure!

When you hire a professional asbestos contractor, they will also take care of asbestos containment, mitigating the damage done by isolating the contamination, as well as asbestos disposal according to U.S. asbestos regulations.

A reliable and trustworthy asbestos abatement company will also be able to advise you if your particular situation will require complete removal or if only repairs are needed to solve the issue.

Different Asbestos

Asbestos Abatement Methods

Asbestos abatement generally refers to taking measures to control the release of asbestos fibers so that it no longer poses a health risk to you and your family. 

There are two methods of handling asbestos, and it depends largely on how “friable” it is (this refers to how easily it becomes airborne asbestos dust and can be inhaled).

If the asbestos materials are found in a space that is not usually exposed to the home’s residents, a method such as closure or encapsulation may be used to cover or seal the material so that fibers are not released.

This is different from asbestos removal because the asbestos material itself is not eliminated, it is the RISK of fiber release and having it become inhalable that is eliminated.

In certain situations where the asbestos cannot be repaired, if it is far too damaged or extremely friable and presents high levels of health risk to you and your family, the best course of action might be to have the asbestos hazard completely removed. If you’re doing any major renovations to your home and suspect asbestos contamination, it might also make sense to have it removed before continuing your rebuild.

Either way, both asbestos removal and repair can be complex and should only be done by a certified asbestos abatement contractor.

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