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Fire Damage

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Specialty Consulting Services

At Strongwater Restoration, we offer far more than our considerable skills with a hammer in hand; we offer specialty consulting services. 

Fully included in our comprehensive turnkey restoration and reconstruction, these consulting services are also available on an as-needed, à la carte basis. Our job is to negotiate equitable settlements for our clients and customers.

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Insurance Estimating

Whether it’s water, fire, mold, hurricane, or lead paint removal, it’s critical to get a proper assessment of the extent of the disaster as well as a sound estimate of the cost for remediation and repairs. Once you contact Strongwater Restoration, our team arrives promptly onsite to evaluate your property damage and loss. During this onsite inspection, we determine the best course of action, develop an estimate for remediation, and discuss everything with you and your insurance provider.

A highly skilled Strongwater estimator will provide a detailed cost evaluation for labor, materials, replacement costs, and necessary improvements to get your property back to its original state. Your estimator will also work closely with your insurance provider and the assigned adjuster to ensure that all applicable insurance coverage is activated correctly.

Before taking any action, we guide you through the entire process step-by-step so that you understand everything required. Because communication is critical when dealing with property loss, we will provide your estimator’s cell phone number so that you can ask questions as needed.


Property Damage Appraisals

The damage caused by fire, wind, water, or mold can extend to a dispute between the property owner and the insurance company on the amount needed to repair a home or commercial property. The case may become a legal contest if the dispute cannot be settled with third-party appraisal or arbitration.

If a claim proceeds to court, count on Strongwater Restoration to be on your side with expert witness testimony regarding the effects of disaster and the true effort required to restore a property. With deep experience as expert contractors across the remediation and reconstruction industry, we can explain the damage to a jury in layperson’s terms for better understanding and judgments that work in your favor.

Our testimony is available to both property owners and insurance companies.

Expert Witnesses

Expert Witness Testimony

When disaster strikes your home or commercial property, a battle may erupt between the owner and their insurance company over needed repairs. To protect yourself in this dispute, you need an expert on your side who can accurately explain to a jury what it will take to make these repairs right again – that’s where Strongwater Restoration comes in.

With decades of experience as contractors across remediation and reconstruction industries, our team is well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to break down complex evidence into terms everyone can understand so justice prevails. Let us represent both owners and insurers in court today for better outcomes tomorrow.