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Fire Damage

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fires can be a hugely traumatic and stressful event, even more so when it causes extensive commercial damage and business interruptions and cost you a lot of money in repairs.

If a fire happens in your commercial building, the number one thing you should do is call a trusted commercial fire damage restoration company. This is important because letting qualified professionals handle your fire damage restoration means minimizing damage, saving money, and getting your business running again as quickly as possible.



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Commercial Restoration

Why Call Our Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Expert?

The damage a fire causes, unfortunately, does not end even after the flames have been extinguished. Business owners often have to deal with issues such as corrosion of their assets from soot damage and smoke damage, lingering toxic smoke, or water damage or chemical damage in the process of putting the fire out.

Fire and smoke damage to commercial property can be severe and can be too hard to restore on your own, and businesses may soon find themselves in financial struggles.

Prompt commercial fire damage restoration is the key. An effective emergency response will stabilize the facility, ensure the recovery of as much property as possible, minimize downtime, and help with damage mitigation.

Our Process

Strongwater's Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Upon receiving your call at (number), our rapid response team will be on-site with you within 2 hours.

Our certified technicians will carefully inspect all areas of your property to assess damage and provide you with a damage report. This step is crucial both in identifying health and safety issues, as well as developing a specialized fire damage restoration action plan

Before we can get work on recovery, we will employ a number of mitigation procedures in order to minimize hazard, loss and further damage.

Board-up and tarping are employed wherever needed to secure your commercial property, and we can provide emergency power and lighting if required.

Our commercial fire damage cleanup team will utilize industrial equipment specific to commercial spaces for debris removal, soot damage cleanup, elimination of smoke odors, as well as water restoration where needed.

Removing soot residue from damaged property is a specific process that will be tailored best to your specific assets and contents. All affected materials will undergo deep cleaning, and we can also help with the disposal of non-salvageable items.

Our restoration contractors will ensure that your commercial property is properly decontaminated, all affected areas including walls, ceilings, floors and structures are repaired and sound, and air quality is back to normal. Essentially, we will restore your business back to its original condition, till you give us the final approval.

Professional Restoration

How A Professional Restoration Team Can Help You In The Event Of Commercial Fires

Our Strongwater Restoration team consists of professionals trained in all aspects of fire damage repair and water damage restoration. We understand the severity of fire damage and know exactly how to get your business back on track as soon as possible with minimal downtime.

Not only will we return your business property back to its pre-fire state, but we will also guide you through every step of the way, including dealing with the fire marshal or your insurance company.

We can even help with the transport and moving of assets so that you can continue business operations remotely, if possible, while we take care of all the fire damage restoration until you are completely satisfied.

Call our certified professionals today at (718) 357-9191, we are available for you 24/7/365!