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How To Deal With Smoke Damage After A Fire

Fires can completely turn your life upside down. And even after the flames fade, many homeowners and business owners find themselves faced with the lingering effects of smoke damage.

In the aftermath of a house fire, you might be dealing with extensive smoke and soot damage. It can coat your entire living space, even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. Besides completely ruining your walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpets, it can also disrupt your appliances and make it impossible to use your HVAC system.

Needless to say, soot and smoke damage can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, and worsen heart problems. And studies show it can also lead to cancer and congenital disabilities.

In the best interests of your and your family’s health, it is crucial to start the process of cleaning smoke damage immediately to prevent further damage and health risks.



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Restoration Experts

Why Call The Smoke Damage Restoration Experts?

The damage from smoke particles happens at a molecular level, and experts best handle it.

Cleaning out smoke and soot damage requires the right cleaning equipment, gear, and cleaning solutions, which a professional restoration team must handle. DIY scrubbing or using the wrong cleaning products can sometimes compound soot residue and make things worse.

Recovery Is Possible

Thankfully, it is not impossible to recover your property even after the devastating loss from a home fire. Strongwater Restoration is the fire and smoke damage restoration professional you can depend on to restore your home to its pre-fire condition in an efficient manner.

A house fire is a traumatic and stressful experience. Still, you can find reassurance in knowing that our highly trained smoke remediation technicians will be there to salvage as much as possible from the damage. They will also guide you through every step of the way and return your home’s indoor air quality levels to normal so that your residence will be habitable once again.

Our Process

Strongwater's Smoke Damage Restoration

The moment you call us at (718) 357-9191, our emergency response team will be right with you on-site to mitigate the fire damage as much as possible.

Our certified restoration specialists will assess damage, safety, and deliver a detailed report and specialized fire and smoke damage restoration plan to you so that you know exactly what needs to be done.

Our priority will be to get the air flowing again in the damaged area to prevent further damage, by using industrial fans and dehumidifiers to remove smoke and aid ventilation.

Your home will undergo a deep cleaning process in order to remove any last traces of soot particles. This includes cleaning, repairing or replacing any structures in the home damaged by soot, as well as specific cleaning treatments for soft furnishings, furniture, upholstery, carpets, clothing, linens etc.

We utilize HEPA-filter air scrubbers and ozone generators to completely eliminate and clean smoke odors. Beyond this, we also make sure that all your air vent ducts, HVAC systems, air conditioning filters and such are decontaminated, and we also sanitize and deodorize all your home’s surfaces so that it is completely free from any smoke residue.

We will inventory everything that has been affected by smoke damage. Items that are restorable will be thoroughly restored and returned to you. Any valuable personal items will be handled with the utmost care. Our restoration technicians will also evaluate what items are non-salvageable, and will help you to dispose of or replace them, according to your wishes.

After complete cleaning, and water damage restoration or mold remediation if necessary, the restoration can begin. Our fire and smoke damage restoration team are trained in all aspects of home damage repair, be it electrical work, plumping, carpentry or more. A final inspection will guarantee that your home is once again safe and habitable for your family.

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Strongwater Restoration is one of New York‘s top fire and smoke restoration choices. With nearly six decades of experience in the repair and restoration industry, we are the name you can trust to return your home to you in its original condition as quickly as possible.

As a locally owned business, we pride ourselves on our immediate emergency and restoration services and our years of experience dealing with New York City residential and commercial smoke damage.

The longer you wait to begin smoke damage restoration, the more difficult – and expensive – it will become. So do not put your home’s smoke remediation off. Fast action will save you a lot of stress, heartache, time, and money.

Call our certified professionals today at (718) 357-9191, we are available for you 24/7/365!