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Don't Let Storm Damage Ruin Your Home - We're Here To Help

You can never tell when or where Mother Nature might turn violent unexpectedly. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, thunderstorms, hail storms, wind storms – all these natural disasters often bring about complete destruction and leave much damage in their wake.

While severe storms can ravage an entire town or city within hours, the disaster cleanup work in the aftermath can stretch on for weeks, even months.

With a storm comes heavy rain that might cause flooding in your home, lightning that could spark fires, strong winds that can cause trees to crash onto your roof, or hail that might damage your residential or commercial property.

When disaster strikes, you may not know what’s best to do or who to turn to for help. The situation might feel overwhelming, but restoration should not be postponed. The longer you wait, the worse the damage may become.

That’s why the storm damage restoration professionals at Strongwater Group Services are available on call 24/7 to dispatch emergency disaster recovery services to you at your home or business.



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Why Call Our Storm Restoration Professionals?

Disasters like storms and floods not only wreak direct havoc on your property, they can also bring with them lasting damage due to water damage, the onset of mold growth within 24 hours, as well as germs and bacteria from dirty water.

When left untreated, storm damage can lead to structural instability, contamination hazards, or result in extra restoration costs for you and your insurance company. Attempting to deal with this yourself can not only lead to more damage but also be dangerous to you and your family.

When you call us at 718-357-9191, our emergency response team will be with you within 2 hours, and we will go above and beyond to ensure your safety and the professional restoration of your home or business.


What's Involved In Storm Damage Restoration?

The first thing our professional team will do when they arrive on location is ensure the safety of you and your family. Thereafter they will conduct a complete assessment of the damage caused, and develop a restoration plan of action to get your property back to its pre-disaster condition, together with a cost estimate.

Storms leave behind a devastating mess, but you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our professional natural disaster cleanup team will deal with all the debris removal and cleanup efficiently and thoroughly, using industrial standard, advanced technology.

Is there a fallen tree in the middle of your living room? Let us take care of tree removal for you, as well as any other emergency storm damage repairs necessary. We also provide board-up and tarping services to help prevent additional damage and to secure your property. We can also provide packing and storage services for any of your personal belongings while your home is being restored.

Our storm damage restoration team will cut down, remove and haul away any fallen trees around your home.

TogOur damage restoration team will do whatever it takes to completely restore your home to its original condition. This includes storm water restoration, sewage cleanup, electrical repairs, structural repairs, reconstruction, roof replacement, mold remediation, air quality restoration, or whatever else is needed. Our team’s specialized skill sets in storm damage repairs and disaster recovery will ensure that your home will be habitable again in no time.gle Content

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Strongwater Restoration is one of New York’s most reliable and trustworthy disaster recovery and restoration contractors. We’ve been helping our local communities with storm damage restoration for 59 years, and we are on call 24/7 for you when you need us the most.

The moment you call us at (718) 357-9191, we will rally the storm damage equipment and the emergency response manpower needed to handle your disaster situation. Having a storm rage through your home can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Let us relieve some of your stress so that you can focus on your family in such a difficult time.

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