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Reasons To Get Water Damage Drying Done By A Professional

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It is no secret that when it comes to water damage, even a small amount of moisture left for too long is a recipe for disaster. In just a few minutes, materials such as wood or drywall can absorb large quantities of water, leading to serious and costly repairs down the line. Prolonged exposure can wreak even more havoc on your property and its structure; if standing water sits within a space for close to a week, you can be sure that much of what was there before will need replacing.

As such, it’s incredibly important to address any signs of water damage immediately to limit the destruction and restore your home or business premises to their former glory. It is also incredibly important to have your home or business dried after water damage by a professional water damage restoration service.

How Much Damage Can Water Cause?

Water damage can be devastating to a home or business if left unchecked. The surrounding walls, floors, and furniture become saturated with excess moisture within minutes of a pipe bursting and spewing water. Upholstered furniture may permanently stain, and carpets will look worse for wear.


Suppose you don’t take action immediately by calling a water damage restoration service. In that case, the water damage can pose serious long-term issues such as mold growth or rotted surfaces that may require expensive repairs. Contacting a specialist soon after you spot water damage will help limit the long-term effects and give you the reassurance that your property is in safe hands.


Water Is Quite Heavy

Floods have the potential to cause significant property damage. One of the biggest issues is disposing of hundreds of gallons of contaminated water that has entered your property. What’s more, one gallon of clean water weighs over eight pounds, so having to lug buckets and vacuums full of water puts an added strain on your back as well as your resources.

It takes only 3-5 gallons of water to fill a shop vac, and you will be hard-pressed to carry it, bearing in mind that the weight triples with the added contaminants present in floodwater. Neglecting to remove floodwater quickly can expose yourself, and those who reside on your property further risk of contamination or disease, so channeling aid from professionals specializing in flood damage should happen immediately.

Is It Really Dry?

Water can be a nuisance and destructive force when it seeps into places we are not expecting. Water will naturally flow downward and settle in the lowest point on any property, but that doesn’t mean moisture can’t end up in hidden places. In addition, water can remain undetected in small gaps, cracks, crevices, and behind walls or ceilings and cause severe damage over time.

Without special equipment and training, it’s almost impossible to detect where all the moisture may be hiding – a significant issue for property owners who are dealing with flooding and water intrusion. Luckily for them, water damage restoration service experts have access to the latest technology and methods to accurately seek out every last drop of water from affected areas.

Flood Water Contains Contaminants

With over-the-ground flooding from storms comes a variety of biological contaminants that could cause harm to exposed individuals. These include various parasites, molds, and other pathogens that can contaminate water and soil. To protect yourself, it is advised not to enter or consume anything that comes in contact with flood water.

Even seemingly harmless materials, such as room furnishings or clothing, needs special attention before being used again. It is best to call a professional with the right protective equipment – such as proper coveralls with gloves and goggles – so they can take safety measures while handling hazardous materials. This way, you are ensuring your own safety and preventing negative consequences on your health and living conditions once the water recedes.

We Use Specialized Equipment You Can't Buy At Home Depot

When a water damage emergency strikes, restoring your home or business to dry and livable conditions quickly is of the utmost importance. Try to tackle the job with traditional household equipment or equipment bought at your local hardware store. You’ll find that they don’t come close to providing the necessary drying environment.

We utilize industrial-strength dehumidifiers, fans, and other equipment for the best possible results. Not only are these pieces of equipment much more powerful than their domestic equivalents, but when correctly placed in an efficient pattern, they will get the job done in much less time than if you were relying on traditional options.

You Might Actually Cause More Damage

Flooding and water damage are nothing to take lightly. Even though the wreckage may seem minimal, drying out a home properly is a very technical process. It is important to take your time and use the right tools when trying to repair your property after a storm or pipe burst; otherwise, you risk causing more serious, permanent damage like the warping of wood fixtures, peeling of paint, and even worse – mold or health issues.

To prevent any further problems from creeping up after a flooding disaster, it’s wise to leave this specialized task in the hands of professionals who know exactly how long it should take to air-dry each part of your home or business.

Reasons To Call Strongwater Restoration

When it comes to restoring your home after a water damage incident, it is always beneficial to call upon a water damage restoration expert instead of consulting a contractor. While contractors may be useful resources when building new structures and homes, they are far less helpful in restoring pre-existing water-damaged structures.

A restoration service can provide the necessary knowledge for successfully restoring the property and cost-effective solutions that are better for your budget and your home’s ability to hold up over time. Instead of attempting to salvage what is existing, like a water damage restoration service would, many contractors recommend taking the easy way out, tearing out existing materials, and installing new ones. This can be an unnecessary expense considering the fact that most materials can be restored if handled by experienced professionals.


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