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Appliances Most Likely To Cause Water Damage

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As your water damage restoration service knows, running water is essential for survival, as well as for performing daily household tasks such as washing and cooking. Unfortunately, the same appliances that use this precious resource can sometimes be the source of significant water damage. If unchecked, these appliance leaks can cause structural damage to the home or put homeowners at risk of mold growth or even electrical hazards.

However, with proper maintenance and occasional inspections, it is possible to stay one step ahead of these situations and prevent them before they occur. Taking a few simple precautions with our household appliances can make a world of difference in preserving our homes and protecting our families.

When Flooding Occurs, Take Precautions

After anything, particularly something as disastrous as flooding, your natural instinct might be to rush home and instantly inspect the damage. But before you take a single step inside your house, it’s important to take safety into account—appliances may have moved or distressed vital electrical and gas lines, rendering them vulnerable to hazardous accidents.

flooded kitchen

As such, it’s wise to check with reliable professionals to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk when entering your home. While this additional step may seem like an intrusion on your already frazzled nerves, it could potentially be saving your life. So should you suffer an unfortunate event like a flood, play it safe and give your water damage restoration service a call.




A leaky dishwasher not only causes a mess in your kitchen but can require costly repairs to fix the water damage. Flooding can cause wood floors to warp, cabinets to rot, and mold to form, which can have significant health risks.

When dealing with a leaky dishwasher, addressing and managing the situation quickly is essential for avoiding serious damage and extra expenses. Even if the problem is rectified and the water dries up, there may still be long-term consequences such as yellowing or stains on surfaces, electrical concerns due to wet wiring, or an increased risk of further issues due to weakened structures. It makes sense to call a water damage restoration service.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are an essential part of our daily life, but their regular use can lead to water damage problems in the home if not adequately addressed. Leaks from a washing machine are not only irritating but can also be very costly in terms of the repair and replacement costs required to fix them.

baby and washing machine

If you experience a leak from your washing machine, it could be due to something relatively minor, like a faulty seal or gasket on a front-loading washer. If the water appears to be coming from behind or underneath the unit, however, it is likely there is a more significant issue, such as issues with the water pump or hose connections. In any case, it is important to take action quickly and seek professional help if needed in order to prevent further damage from occurring in your home.

woman opening refrigerator door


A leaky refrigerator is more than just a nuisance; it can have significant implications for the space in which it sits. Not only can a dripping refrigerator introduce unwanted water into your home, threatening damage to your floor or any items stored underneath the fridge, but a leak could also mean that the refrigerator’s cooling system and electrical systems are at risk.

If your refrigerator starts leaking, the cause could be anything from a faulty water supply line or clogged defrost drain to an issue with its ice maker – no matter what, it’s essential to take immediate action so that you can prevent further damage or possible failure of the unit itself.

Water Heater

We often overlook Water heaters, yet they play an integral role in our homes. Given their constant stress and having to produce hot water day and night, they can easily fail. When this happens, it becomes far more than a major inconvenience and can even cause significant water damage to your home.

water heater

However, with proper maintenance, like flushing the tank regularly or changing parts when needed, you can keep it running smoothly for years. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the unexpected does sometimes occur, so knowing the warning signs of failing water heaters – such as large leaks or rusty hot water – is important if you want to avoid expensive repairs and damages.



A toilet leak can be an invisible enemy that silently causes a lot of damage to your home. If left unaddressed, the water from the leak could cause costly and extensive damage to the floor or even infiltrate the walls and foundation of your house.

In extreme cases, it could even lead to mold growth behind walls or under floor boards, creating a health hazard for your living space. While it might not seem like much at first, a small leak in the toilet should be checked out quickly by a professional – before it turns into something much worse.

Strongwater Restoration: Our Commitment To You

For more than 60 years, Strongwater Restoration, your water damage restoration service in New York, has provided peace of mind to tens of thousands of homeowners and business owners in the face of an unexpected disaster. Specializing in storm, water, mold, fire, smoke, and other related damages that properties may encounter, we have helped numerous families and businesses recover their normal sense of life quickly and inexpensively.

Our experienced technicians understand how difficult it can be for people to handle the aftermath of a traumatic event like a sudden disaster — that’s why we provide comprehensive support from professional remediation services to personalized guidance throughout the entire claims process. We are committed to ensuring that no matter what damage our clients face, they will always be able to depend on us.

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